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On Friday, October 11th, at 7pm EST, the Queen City Lodge will be live-streaming a table of Starfinder Society’s 2-01: Pact World Warriors. As we’re also raising money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, you’ll be able to tune in and support your favorite characters with your donations. Jeph Lewis, the mastermind behind JephCon, will be hosting us on his Twitch channel, and you can find that here:

You can donate to support our contestants at this link. Your donations can earn them the following support:

$10 will give one player of your choice a re-roll on any D20 check.
$25 will give one player of your choice a Natural 20 on one D20 roll.
$30 will allow you to give the Game Master a Natural 1 on one D20 roll.

Our players may be creative and give you other options while they play, so you’ll have to pay close attention. You’ll get to decide just how much the odds favor our Starfinders. Please let us know either in the stream chat or in the comments on your donation what you’d like it go towards and who it is benefiting.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to our contestants that will be representing the Starfinder Society this Friday along side everyone’s favorite media mogul, Zo!. I’m sure you’ll find some fan favorites here.

Name: Puck Selleck (he/him)
Race: Skittermander
Class: Mystic
Theme: Dream Prophet
Player: Allen S.

Puck is a green Skittermander with a white belly. He’s wearing a noticeably fake bushy black mustache and a necklace of a golden triangle inscribed in a black circle.

Interviewer: You made the decision to join the Starfinders. Why is that?
Puck: Yeah, going around helping Jadnura is the best. He’s all “gotta find the old stuff and solve the mysteries”. We went to the Scoured Stars, and got stuck. OK, that wasn’t the best. But, I did learn all about Kadrical and his divine mandates of the holy mustache while there. So, hey, silver lining!

Interviewer: You’ve been selected for Pact World Warriors, how does that make you feel?
Puck: Oh boy, this is gonna be a challenge for sure. This team of meatheads is totally gonna need my help. I’m here to make sure we survive all the obstacles and come through each challenge only *slightly* bloodied. Plus, I can show off Kadrical to the whole Pact Worlds!

Interviewer: What do you think will make you a popular choice for our viewers?
Puck: I’m just here to help out where I can. If you want to cheer for us, that’s great. And for me, well, unlike these other heathens (except Zo!), I wear a proper mustache!

Name: Orenji Muronda (he/him, also we/us/ours – long story)
Race: Korasha Lashunta
Class: Solarian
Theme: Spacefarer
Player: Sean D.

Interviewer: So you’re a Starfinder. Tell me what made you decide to join them?
Orenji: *voice 1* It seemed like fun at the time. Go all over, maybe I could find something to shut this cheeky bugger *points at solar mote* up. It’s not bad, it pays the bills.
*Grabs solar mote, bright blue buzz axe appears in hand*
*voice 2* Why it’s tons of fun! I get to drag the grumpy guss to places and make him have fun and we get to meet all kinds of people and see things almost unimaginable. We love it!
*Lets go of solar weapon*
See what I mean, he just chatters away like that all the bloody time.

Interviewer: You’ve been selected for Pact World Warriors. Tell me what your favorite thing about the show is? How do you feel about being selected as a contestant?
Orenji: *voice 1* I love that show. It’s like a train wreck, you get to see people get knocked about. I love the one where they have the boot machine to see how many times the team can get kicked before giving up. Great fun. As for being on it, I gotta prove I’m tougher than the saps right? These numpties that can’t even jump a puddle, gotta do better than that.
*voice 2* I LOVE that show. People trying their hardest, being their best selves, it’s amazing. I’d love to use it launch me into stardom all across the Pact Worlds.

Interviewer: Tell me, why should our viewers support you as a contestant? What are your goals on the show?
Orenji: *voice 2* Because I am beautiful ray of sunshine on this dark world of Eox. I can bring joy and happiness to everyone if given the chance!
*voice 1* Maybe we can finally find a way to properly share after this. He gets what he wants and I get prove myself.

Name: Maergrimm Slagson (he/him)
Race: Dwarf
Class: Soldier 
Theme: Mercenary
Player: Drew B.

The interview opens in a hangar where Grimm is working on some kind of vehicle, only his heavy work boots can be seen sticking out from underneath a heavily armored truck.

Interviewer: Hello, Grimm! We would like a brief interview before the show. You’re one of the Starfinders, tell me about why you joined them?
MS: Why’d I sign up with the Starfinders? Was a fluke. I’d been working odd merc jobs for Trace Taylor since I’d been booted outta me clan on Absalom Station. One o’ the best things ever happened to me though, Exo’s gave me a home, Trace and the boys gave me a new family.

The dwarf slides out from under the truck, the powerfully compact dwarf is covered in grease from the top of his bald head down well past his shoulders.

Interviewer: You’ve been selected as a contestant on Pact World Warriors, I understand the came about due to some interesting circumstances. Tell us how it happened, how does it make you feel?
MS: How’d I’d get selected for Pact World Warriors? Lost a bet to the boys in the Flying Tashtaris and had ta apply. Binged a season after they picked me and it looks like it ought’a be a good time. Plenty of chances to show off what the Exo’s and the boys have taught me the last few years.

Interviewer: You sound confident you’ll do well. Tell me why the viewers should be supporting you as a fan favorite?
MS: Why should folks cheer for me? Well that’s up to them once we go live ain’t it? I’ll show em a good time hopefully and if not, well that’s just the breaks.

Name: Arkos (he/him)
Race: Bear (Uplifted)
Class: Soldier/Solarian
Theme: Tempered Pilgrim
Player: Sean W.

A large black bear sits at a desk with paws folded in front of him with a small green mote of energy resting on his shoulder. Sitting next to him is a mousy woman in Business attire with a Starfinder and Wayfinder insignia on her lapels.

Interviewer: Mr. Arkos, what brought you into the Starfinders?
Arkos looks to the mousy woman for a moment.
Mousy woman: A point of clarification first. He would prefer just Arkos. For the benefit of the viewing audience I will be lending him my voice for this interview as he does not wish to be misunderstood for his voice. She straightens her glasses and continues, Arkos joined the Starfinders to explore worlds and see exotic new places. He was employed as a Soldier for his race’s reputation but preferred peaceful resolutions.

Interviewer: And what do you think of being selected for Pact World Warriors?
The bear looks contemplative for a moment before looking again to the woman.
Mousy Woman: Arkos believes it is a wonderful chance for people to see the wide array of skills and personalities the Starfinders employ and showcases their key ability to adapt to any situation.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful, and why should the crowd cheer you on?
The bear cocks an eyebrow and looks at the mousy woman. She raises her eyebrows in surprise and quickly moves away from the table. The camera pans out as the bear stands to his full height and grabs the mote of energy from his shoulder. It wraps around his paw and forearm before forming three jagged bolts of energy protruding from the knuckles like claws. The bear roars and splits the interview table in half before flexing for the camera and smirking.

Name: Breywyn Eliese (she/her)
Race: Kasatha
Class: Mystic
Theme: Icon
Faction: Dataphile
Player: Dana F.

Interviewer: Tell me, Breywyn, what brought you to the Starfinder Society? 
Breywyn: I love learning new things.  Joining the Dataphiles gave me access to so much knowledge.  And being a Starfinder allows me to help distribute such knowledge. 

Interviewer: What are you most looking forward to as a contestant on Pact World Warriors?
Breywyn: The heat of the sun, the power of wind, and the beauty of a wild plant are all proof of the complexity and power of nature. Plus learning about potential new wildlife, count me in…
Interviewer: Oh, I think you’ll enjoy the wildlife. The ghoul woman taps her blue fingertips on her tablet screen a few times, smiling to herself.

Interviewer: Why should the fans support you specifically on Pact World Warriors?
Breywyn: Because of my stellar personality.

Name: Gibberish Tik Tok
Race: Ysoki
Gender: Male
Class: Envoy
Theme: Ace Piolot
Faction: Exo-Guardian

Interviewer: You were selected by the Starfinder Society as one of their representatives for Pact World Warriors. You seem excited about the opportunity, why is that?
Gibberish: Why am I excited to be on the Pact World Warriors? Have you BEEN to Akiton? Have you SEEN the warrens full of Ysoki? Oh ya, I was in one of those warrens, and let me tell ya, I don’t wanna go back. I mean, sure, I miss me ma, but all of those scrambling little ones practically climbing all over ya just to move around the place! Aye, I was happy to get out of there and see things. It’s why I became a pilot, to fly meself if I had to! I didn’t make it of that dusty, red rock just to do nothing, either, I tell ya! So this seemed exciting and fun. Maybe get me face on the screen to show all those runts back home who the big Ysoki is! Little bastards! And they are, little bastards, but I love em still. Don’t know why, but i do! *gives obscene gesture to the camera*

Interviewer: Tell me, what makes you special? Why should the fan cheer you on?
Gibberish: Why should you cheer me on? Well, cause I am the best! It might not seem clear yet, but I will show ye, just wait and see. I will have my opposition besides themselves in frustration, maybe even to tears. Wouldn’t that just be something?! Also, if there is any pilotin to be done, aint none better! So vote for Gibberish! Show the Pact Worlds you got taste, you filthy buggers!

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